Popcorn Pulse 191: Tundur Park

Before the made for streaming movies there were made for TV movies. Those still exist if you count Hallmark and other channels. Most are crap but every once in a while someone would put a nice modest budget together and see what happens. Which is how we got The Park Is Mine(1985) from HBO.

We open with a man at the top of a hospital, yelling about no one listening. He jumps to his death. In comes Tommy Lee Jones who plays a Vietnam war veteran. The jumper was his friend and had set up a bunch of ammo caches around Central Park and a plan for shutting it down. Tommy goes on a bit of a rampage, driving everyone out and telling the press he wants the park empty until Veterans Day. The local PD and deputy mayor don’t agree with Tommy using his surplus motorcycle and AK to takeover a park.

Tim then has Rolling Thunder(1977). A B-Movie also about Vietnam war vets and had Tommy Lee Jones. William Revane plays Major Rane. Rane comes home from being a POW and finds his wife is going to leave him for some other guy and his son is a bit estranged. When some hooligans break into his house to rob him, they kill his wife and son, and cut off his hand by shoving it into the garbage disposer. So he goes on a bit of a hunt for revenge.

Weltall has Source Code[2011]. Jake Gylenhall wakes up on a subway, runs around confused for a bit, then explodes eight minutes later. Lucky for him, it was all a simulation, or so he’s told. He’s going back into the same eight minutes to track down the bomb which did blow this train up. There’s more going on and it’s a fun sci-fi movie that probably got overlooked.

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