Manga Pulse 487: Double Sister

How many organs do people need actually? If you know and are some sort of organ expert, we need your feedback. Apparently the local prosecutor has decided that local children and obnoxious adults need ALL of them. They were clearly not using them based on their social media post history. When you repost MLM scams you’re signaling to the world that your kidneys are free to a good home.

Onto the manga, Tim has Skeleton Double. Arakawa’s dad dies by sudden impalement in a cross walk. Eight years later, a skull with exclamation points gets delivered in a box to his door. The skull offers him the ability to turn invisible and use it however he wants. He doesn’t want to steal or peep, so he’s fresh out of ideas. Luckily for the plot, the skull claim he killed Arakawa senior before being taken away by another invisible man who is a “skeleton”. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall has The Testament of Sister New Devil. Tojo’s dad is getting remarried and wants him to meet his two new sisters. They’re kind of obnoxious because it turns out they’re demons. Shenanigans ensue when they try to bind him as their slave and become subservient to him instead. Now Tojo has to look after other demons that want he for the power in her blood. It gets a Borders

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