Popcorn Pulse 192: Fierce Dead

Alright ladies. Get your makeup on, your teeth polished, and your tits waxed. Except you, Miss Sicily. You’re just doing what you can with what god gave you. While we’re waiting for them to get their act together, we’ve got a movie in the vein of the beauty industry. We’ve got the mockumentary, Drop Dead Gorgeous(1999).

It’s centered on a small town’s beauty contest that feeds into a larger national one. Kind of like a Dollar General version of Miss America. There’s more than a few jokes about small towns in the Midwest and then someone starts killing off potential contestants. There’s a twist you might not see coming and it goes on a bit longer than you’d expect.

Tim has Fierce Creatures(1997). It’s about a zoo that gets bought by an Australian businessman. John Cleese is put in charge of the thing. His goal demand, make lots of profit. So he demands the keepers all learn to put the fiercest of creatures on display. More hijinks ensue when Jamie Lee Curtis arrives to see what’s been holding the zoo’s profits back.

Weltall has Dead Don’t Die[2019]. It’s about the dead who normally do die. Until a magic clockwork man drinks some bad oil then farts over a graveyard. Now the steampunk themed zombies are attempting to drag us back to a more primitive era. Which isn’t the plot because this is another horror comedy set in some zombie outbreak. It’s definitely copying the homework of someone else and if you need to know who, we’ll tell you that Bill Murray is in it.

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