Manga Pulse 488: No Express

Everyone likes to save a buck here and there. Some people do that by reusing things like sandwich bags. Others will take trips to the outlet mall and stock up on irregulars. To that end, you should stock up on our irregular reviews. By that we mean imperfect and not off of a proper schedule. Though we do sometimes have scheduling changes. Because we are imperfect but we try harder.

Tim has Galaxy Express 999 in honor of the now late Meiji Matsumoto. It’s a unique style for even the seventies where a deformed homunculus named Tetsuo lives on earth with his mother. They’re freezing and dreaming of having robot bodies. Then a robotic hunter shoots his mom and puts her stuffed body above the fireplace. Kiddo gets his revenge and joins Maetel on the titular Galaxy Express 999. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall has Oshi No Ko. Gorou is a doctor, a gynecologist, who’s a big fan of a sixteen year old idol, Ai who disappears from the public. This makes him sad but not as sad as the crackhead who stabs him in the gut. This crackhead was apparently filling in for the Isekai truck because he’s reborn as one of Ai’s twins with all his memories in tact. Turns out she ducked the public eye because she got knocked up. It gets a Borders.

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