Popcorn Pulse 193: Mash Potatoes

You know what makes a movie work? Like really, really work? Is it well directed acting? A strong sense of shot composition or perhaps lighting? No, you film school snob. What makes a movie good is having a long dead pan voice over which lays out the setup and premise. Lucky for use there’s a great movie in Red Planet[2000].

The year is sometime in the future and something about climate or disease is wrecking the earth. You can’t be bothered to care because Carrie Ann Moss delivers it like a Starbucks order. A bunch of space folks are off to Mars because it’s being terraformed but all the greenery has started disappearing. So Val Kilmer ends up stranded on Mars with Tom Sizemore and a couple others as they investigate.

Tim then brings us back into the seventies with M*A*S*H(1970). It’s a comedy from the seventies so you know that means everybody is boning everyone and there’s at least the hint of boobs. Also a lot of casual racism which goes on for far longer than you would expect. If it helps, there’s a football montage that seems to take seven hours.

Weltall then discusses the show, M*A*S*H(1972). That’s right the show based on the Korean war that went for eleven seasons. He watched it all from pilot to end and found there’s a lot going on. Mostly with the supporting characters. His hottest take? The weak point of the show is Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce.

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