Manga Pulse 489: Skeleton Panties

Bubble trouble? Prepare for muggle and make is subtle. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but we’ve already used the Team Rocket speech in an intro as well as quoting the witches from Macbeth. Also coupons and buy one get one free. It’s been hell of a week and we just sort of phone it in once in awhile. Plus, how many of you read this anyway? Cue angry emails about everyone who actually sees these descriptions.

Tim has a revisit to Skeleton Double. He’s still annoyed at the translated terms like “unique blood” and “skeletonized”. The chapters since then have a bit of a fight between madam government and the rogue skelly-men which makes things interesting. Also our protagonist, Arakawa, has a showdown with the Quantum Grandpa. This ends with Arakawa being taken in by the government to meet with the head of Skell-relations. We’re not sure where it’s going as that was all that’s out but it jumps up to a Read it Now.

Weltall has Pansuto. Daichi is a bit of a loser and you can pick your jaw up off the floor having heard a character so unique. He also has a bit of a fetish in seeing panties. Lucky for him, the school nurse wears bright white panties and shirts so short they prefer being called little people. So he makes excuses to go to her office often. She picks up on this and schedules special meetings to sort of get him to grow up a bit. It manages to earn a Crackers.

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