Popcorn Pulse 194: Toxic Faith

Captain, I’m getting readings of life from the planet below. Looks like it’s some sort of movie based society. They appear to consume a type of grass seed which has been heated until the moisture inside escapes. This is then given a fine coating of a churned animal fat, derived from their local cattle. It also appears as though this is consumed in ritual fashion while watching movie of any quality.

First up, we have Faith Based[2020]. The setup is two layabouts realized Christian movies can make a lot of money. A straight forward premise would be about them scamming a mega-church or maybe a single church. Instead, this is a premise to help save one of the father’s church. Which is fine but then it’s not sure if the premise is making movies is hard, work is hard, family is hard, or what.

Weltall then has Territory 8[2013]. A low budget movie in the early twenty tens. That must mean something to do with zombies. Guys wearing a Dickies jumpsuit with the patches torn off are busy working in the basement of a paper warehouse designing chemical weapons. It seems some of it has gotten out and they’re stuck in a quarantined area. Also they’re working on a cure, maybe.

Tim has Toxin[2014]. See the rule explained above. It’s a lot of people running around the woods because it’s cheap. Anyone who’s “military” is wearing surplus multicam and waving around rubber guns. The zombie toxin is selectively infectious and bullets do fuck all. At least you can laugh at the way they film people sitting in stationary aircraft, pretending they’re flying places.

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