Manga Pulse 490: Die Kaaaaaaaanan

Long days ago, when the nights were long and the game was slim. Great bookstores used to roam this land. We hunted them for their manga collections. Kodansha, Yen Press, even the lesser Tokyo Pop. All were plentiful. Something has changed and now we scavenge a barren land for the remains of those we used to hunt.

Weltall has a revisit of Pansuto. You might recall that being the manga were the loser gets obsessed with the school nurse and her white panties. He gave it another swing by because even perverts with pictographic memories like to take a second look. And that may or may not be referring to the main character and his desire to see be-pantied ladies. This revisit got it moved up to Read it Now.

Tim has Kanan Is Easy as Hell. The titular Kanan is a succubus who’s chosen a high school to find victims. She figured it would be one of the easiest places to find young, vital men, who are easily controlled by sexual desires. Also she wants to consume their souls. The only thing is she’s a virgin who spent her formative years in hell and the first boy she tries to seduce convinces her to start dating him. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall then has Die Wergelder. There’s a Germanic law where a murder’s family must pay the victims family. At least that’s what the description says. And who would know old Germanic law better than a mangaka looking to meet a deadline? We join a lady with a robot arm pretending to be a prostitute for a bit then killing the john because she’s actually an assassin. Also there’s yakuza who she targets later for reasons we aren’t sure of. It gets a Borders for being more than a little loose with details we need

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