Popcorn Pulse 196: Supa Burnt

We broke down and inserted another coin to enable two player mode. That’s right, we went and dual reviewed the Double Dungeons Dragon movie. Or maybe we just went and saw The Super Mario Bros Movie[2023]. In spite of all the internet whinging that Chris Prat was voicing Mario which was surely a sign of how the west has fallen and millions must die.

What can we really say about it? It’s an Illumination movie that doesn’t induce suicide. Prat does fine as Mario. Ana Taylor-joy does OK as Peach. Seth Rogen is there and should probably not. There’s a lot of references to the game and pop songs. The stand out is probably Jack Black as Bowser who is incredibly restrained for who he is and his usual character portrayals.

Weltall then has Burnt[2015]. Bradley Cooper plays a chef. As this is Hollywood it’s very much a pastiche of Gordon Ramsey and whatever idea enters their head when their personal cook overdoes their scrambled eggs. Cooper was on top, falls because he gets into drugs, and then goes back to London. Because he can stand the heat so now it’s time to get back into the kitchen and make those fritatas for table seven. They’ve got a birthday party which is important stat.

Tim has the awaited Venom: Let there be Carnage[2021]. Do you remember they made two Venom movies now? We sure as hell didn’t. Remember how the bad guy in the first was some other symbiote from space who was bad because it wanted to eat people? Man, sure would seem silly if they did the Carnage story line now where Venom, once again, is pitted against another symbiote. At least Tom Hardy got a paycheck out of this whoo-ha.

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