Manga Pulse 492: Inu Bak

We’re just going to cut to the chase and say we have a couple of manga. Normally, we’d hem and haw a bit before getting to the point. Perhaps we’d even hee and haw a bit. Pour moonshine then get a little tipsy before following the point off a cliff. Oh my, there seems to be a Mason jar with a spirituous liquid nearby.

Tim has a request in My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog. We start off with a dork waking up in a dogs body. The Mangaka tries to play coy and hide this from us and the main moron doesn’t figure it out until the end of the first chapter. It gets creepy as hell once the girl who picks him up, and happens to be his crush, starts dressing up as a dog and barking at him. Also when her friend starts getting horny when he licks her feet. Yes, it gets a Burn It.

Weltall has Baki-dou. It’s a wrestling series and apparently the fourth arc which Weltall wandered into. The question then becomes does manga allow an easy entrance into a running story? Not this one. It has the same problem western cape comics have in that there’s clearly an established premise and characters and throws you right into it. It does have elevated realism where master wrestlers can fly up climbing walls with a single pinky toe flex but that doesn’t save it from getting a Burn It.

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