Popcorn Pulse 197: Quiet Rain

With Weltall’s impending trip to the land of the rising sun which illuminates the tentacle porn, we figured a movie about Japan would be just right. It’s from the eighties if that helps and isn’t a comedy. It’s also not weekend at Bernie’s though that’s been requested over seven hundred times. We figure that’s an outlier from a rabid Terry Kiser fan. If you’re reading this, Gerald, we’ll get to it if and when we choose.

We have Black Rain(1989). Directed by Ridley Scott, starring Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia. Douglas and Garcia play detectives who arrest a member of the Yakuza and escort him back to Japan. He escapes in Tokyo and the two manage to meddle in the investigation. Things go well then badly before the climax and the ending comes at you like a bullet train. (That’s a thing people always associate with Japan!)

Tim has Ticker[2001]. Considering the title and this is starring Steve Segal you might thing we’d make a cardio joke. Steve found a movie where he gets to take it easy and not move a lot. Also he’s not really the main guy because Tom Sizemore is the investigator and Segal is a bomb expert. Also Dennis Hopper is a bomb maker who is holding the city hostage. And it gets dumber from there.

Weltall has the remake of All Quiet on the Western Front[2022]. It’s a war movie and there are some things that come part and parcel with that. Like all the clowns pouring out seltzer which represents man’s inhumanity to man and the release of balloons symbolizing the change of the Turkish government

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