Manga Pulse 493: Embarrassed Bro

How many language can mangas come in? That depends on how you slice it. If you’re being a bit of a pedant and talking about the source, it’s probably Japanese only. Otherwise you’d call it by the local name like manhwa or manhua. If you’re talking about translations from the source, then however many languages you can translate into. Here we are, solving problems and answering questions.

Tim has Rojiura Brothers. We start off with Tetsu who is in love with the mangas about delinquents. Specifically the kind of guys who wear their school uniform loose and get into fights on the street over honor while respecting each other. Testsu can’t live out his fantasy of being a tough guy who brawls in the streets because he lives in a nice neighborhood. Then he gets hit with a magic spell that turns him into a cat when he sneezes. Then he meets cats who live just like the delinquents he loves. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall brought back Hajirau Kimi Ga Mitainda from Japan and read it through Google translate. The title was Google translated as You Who Are Shy I Want to See. Akito is a student who’s dad works on movies. He catches a girl going to beantown like the worlds hungriest chili connoisseur. He records her, she catches him recording her, likes that he did and wants to see how the footage turned out. So they enter into something of a relationship where he’s going to make porn videos with her. It gets a Crackers.

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