Manga Pulse 494: Cancelled

Let’s see how many mangas do we have? Let us count them out. Slowly so we don’t lose our place. One manga. Ah, ha, ha, ha! Two, two, mangas? Ah, ha, bah, glargghhh! Drowning in irony jokes. Just one second. Kackkk! OK, I think I hacked it all up. Yes, we have two mangas as usual for your approval. Or not. We’re not your dad.

Tim has World Piece, an OEL from Viz. Lucas is a basketball player and, may god forgive me for saying it, a Canadian. There’s a local school building that disappeared and his mother is an archaeologist inspecting the site. No one is really that concerned that a building evaporated, must be a Tuesday in Vancouver. Lucas then gets transported to another world where he has the Earth now down to the size of a basketball. It gets a Borders.

Weltall then has X Gender. It’s somewhat autobiographical account of a Japanese person, they do not count themselves as either man or woman so we’re not being mean. It’s a bit confusing because it aspires to be something educational but isn’t and doesn’t have much of a story going on. So there isn’t anything to grasp onto. It ends up being more of a jumble of ramblings that tell you very little about the author or sex or even just being nonbinary in Japan. It ends up in Burn It territory.

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