Popcorn Pulse 199: Jet Girl is Hotter

Imagine it’s the late eighties or early nineties and you’re a movie producer. That director with daddy issues that looks kinda like he’s in the cure just made a mint by adapting a little comic called Batman. You thought it couldn’t work because you remember Adam West and the wacky utility belt. But that dude made it work. So you scramble around looking for cheap rights to some of them comics the kids are clamoring for but you don’t want to spend all your coke money. So you pay pennies on the dollar for Tank Girl(1995).

Tank Girl is about a future where a comet screwed up the weather and it now never rains. An evil corporation is the only source of water and electricity. They’re clearly evil because they’re a corporation run by Malcolm McDowell. Tank Girl gets captured by them, steals a tank to leave, fucks a kangaroo man, then comes back. If that sounds insane and disjointed, the discussion covers many more headache inducing details.

Weltall then has Sand Castle[2017]. It’s a Netflix movie about Iraq set in 2003. So that means everybody does well, is mentally sound, and nothing bad happens. Though there is a mission accomplished joke or two. Plus they turn the shoe that was thrown at Bush into a metaphor for God which was confusing.

Tim then revisits The Mask(1995) and talks about the source material. Like our joint discussion film, it’s born out of that era when studios were scrambling to churn out some comic adaptations without paying the big two publishers truckloads of cash. Of course almost nothing from the original ended up in the movie aside from there being a mask that gave the wearer a green head. But hey, Richard Jeni got a paycheck for a bit part.

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