Manga Pulse 495: Yankee Dance

Let’s see what we’ve got for another joke about twos. Hmm, perhaps something about wild deuces? That’s a sort of poker term, we think. Does that mean we’ve made the blind or the double blind? Well then, you’ve sunk my battleship. Prepare to go fish and go for all the marbles. Unless your hippos aren’t hungry enough to handle it.

Tim has a revisit of Yankee Jk Kuzuhana-Chan. You might remember the plot about a lone male attending a vocational school. Which had just gone from being girls only to co-ed. And he is the only boy there. He is taken under the wing of the tall delinquent type girl who can beat up just about anyone. It’s still good and worth keeping the Read It Now.

Weltall has Dance Til Tomorrow. We join Suekichi who has just attended a funeral for a very distant relative. One he barely remembers from when he was in the single digits. Turns out Uncle had a bunch of assets, hated all the money grubbing relatives, and left everything to Suekichi. Then a girl shows up at his house who’s sort of related and sleeps with him but may or may not be a gold digger. There’s enough going on that this earns a Crackers

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