Popcorn Pulse 200: Godfatha

Two hundred episodes all about movies. That deserves somethings kind of special. Or, as they say in the land of surfing and wanna-be actors, special. So we decided to sit down and do what is considered one of the top films of all time. Kangaroo Jack.

OK, no, we did The Godfather(1972). It’s got a laundry list of actors you know, some before they were big enough to become parodies of themselves. Brando putting in a legendary performance that looms over everyone. A stray cat, just being a stray cat in the hands of the titular Godfather. A horses head in the bed of a Hollywood producer. Something that should happen more often until the quality of movies turns back around and starts not sucking.

Well after that tour de force what deserves to follow that movie? How about The Godfather Part 2(1974). Debated by some, or at least one of us, as an example of a sequel superior to the original. Pacino returns as Michael Corleone inter-cut with moments from Vito’s life portrayed by De Niro. Either way it’s definitely another movie that belongs in a list of top films.

Whew boy, so much to gush about. What else is left for our usual third? Yeah, The Godfather Part 3(1990). If you haven’t seen this, don’t. Copola clearly didn’t care. Pacino was ramping up to become an actor who only yells to emote. Sofia got slotted in to mumble lines that had to be redone in ADR and what we go was still awful. Characters are completely destroyed and undone. And Michael dies alone in Italy before the credits roll. A big fuck you to the audience

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