Manga Pulse 497: Mega Hero

What is a man? No, mister Dracul, not a miserable pile of secrets. No, Diogenes, put the plucked chicken away. Mister Hilfiger, you answer of “person who wears jeans in my ads” is acceptable but please elaborate on that. Everyone else, have your essay ready by Tuesday and enjoy the holiday weekend. Don’t forget to listen to our wonderful manga reviews.

Tim has Megaman NT Warrior. A manga based on the GameBoy Advance Battle Network game. It follows the events of the game well enough that Tim recalls characters and events. With the opinion that the adaptation makes some sense as the game had a plot which was clear. And then the mangaka and writer weren’t pulling conflict out of thin air. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall has Heroman. A manga from the era when people would grab Stan Lee, have him scribble some words on a napkin, then elaborate from there. That way they can put his name on the cover for recognition. Joey works in a place in a city that’s sort of Japan. He gets struck by lightening and turns into Johnny Five then lasers the heads off of a pack of roaming Girl Scouts. That’s not the plot but who cares because it’s a Burn It.

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