Popcorn Pulse 203: Replicant March

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We start off with Ides of March[2012]. Ryan Gosling is an assistant campaign manager. He’s working for a guy he really really believes in, played by George Clooney. Clooeny is a lock to win if he can secure enough delegates but to get the delegates Gosling is asked to make a deal. He doesn’t want to do this because that’s dirty politics. As this is a story about dirty politics and backroom deals you can guess what will end up happening.

Tim and Weltall both have Blade Runner 2049[2017]. Well, it’s a Villeneuve film which means a lot of fun lighting. Also Hans Zimmer score because the man shits out ambiance everyday of the week. Gosling is a replicant who ends up hunting down the original Deckard because he’s trying to solve a sort of mystery. It’s alright but it’s not really Blade Runner. A lot of problems could have been prevented by not hitching this wagon to the previous film.

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