Manga Pulse 499: Alcoholic Lesbians

Looks like we’re lining up for a long drive. We’ve settled on a driving club. A number five; five or maybe six. A very nice medium range club with an excellent driving force that’s a little dated. Certainly not the choice of some of the top players but very popular among the amateurs hitting the links. Tim hasn’t gotten his on the green so all Weltall has to do is avoid the sand trap and he’ll be within the his strength, the short game.

Weltall has My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness. This is one of those autobiographical mangas written by a mangaka who doesn’t seem to have done anything else. It’s very awkward once we get to the part where she only pictures her mother when she’s imagining having sex. Almost as awkward as her describing her decision to lose her virginity to an escort at twenty eight. It gets a Burn It.

Tim has the sequel with My Alcoholic Escape From Reality. It’s about the same mangaka falling into alcoholism and suffering pancreatitis. In less than three years. She goes from drinking constantly at bars to drinking alone in her room. It comes to a bit of a head when she is hospitalized. Also this critical point happened right as the previous manga was getting accolades. It also gets a Burn It.

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