Popcorn Pulse 204: Santa’s Covenant

It’s early September and we’re talking about movies. So that means we had to pick something fitting. Naturally this means we grabbed a Christmas movie from last year with Violent Night[2022]. Which stars the sheriff from Stranger Things. Sure he has a name but that’s how he’s stuck in our heads since he first appeared.

He plays the Santa who’s going around on his yearly duty. He’s a bit jaded, gets drunk, and passes out in the home of one of those he’s dropping gifts off in. He is awakened by them being attacked by a mercenary team robbing the family. So Saint Nick has to put down thieves who are armed and dangerous and lead by John Leguizamo.

Tim has No Sudden Move[2021]. Benicio Del Toro and Don Cheadle are criminals hired by Brendan Fraser to keep a family hostage and get a document. There’s also a lesser Culkin working with them but gets killed early on. There’s also some more going on than a simple criminal job as you might suspect.

Weltall has The Covenant[2023]. Jake Gyllenhall plays a soldier in Afghanistan during the old days of the global war in terror. He gets injured and is saved by the interpreter, Dar Salin, working with his unit. Once home, Jake spends a lot of time trying his best to get Dar safely to the US and away from the people who might want to kill him. You know, on account of aiding Americans in military operations.

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