Popcorn Pulse 205: Arthur’s Phallus

Ok, look. You see that sword over there? Yeah, the one stuck in that rock? Go over there and give it a little tug and come right back for your free meat pie. Now, you’ll see some guys put on a whole show. They’ll flail and flop around, maybe grunt or yell while they’re doing it. They crowd laughs but I’m not throwing in anything else just because you get them riled up. Got it, little Arthur?

So we have King Arthur[2004]. You probably don’t remember this movie. Bruckheimer’s production company was riding high on the success of some mid Atlantic movie about shipping boats. So they naturally did a movie based on the legend of Arthur and removed any hints of magic and grounded it around the Roman empire withdrawing from the British isle. It also stars Clive Owne when Hollywood was sure they could make him a leading man.

Weltall then has King Arthur: Legend of the Sword[2017]. This one steers back into the fun stuff we love about Arthurian legends. Lots of magic and magic swords along with destiny. Arthur grows up in the medieval streets and learns from ye olde fchool of hard knockf. Turns out his uncle tried to have him killed and wants him dead because he’s the rightful heir. Kind of like Lion King but without all the weirdos making art about the uncle rawing them into the wee hours.

Tim has Cobra(1986). Stallone wields a Colt in forty five, because they don’t make a forty six, as a rogue detective. He ends trying to bust this axe gang group who’s been randomly murdering citizens all over town. With only one surviving witness, Brigitte Nielsen, he has to protect. It’s a movie that was made out of the script edits Stallone wanted when he was attached to Beverly Hills Cop. No, really

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