Popcorn Pulse 206: Outlaw Heat

There was a time when the buddy comedy could be found in many theaters. You couldn’t throw a cheap quarter pounder without hitting a movie poster where some cop was teamed up with some other unorthodox character. We used to be a real country, darn it.

We take a visit back to those halcyon days where we knew who was the bad guys(it was the French). We have Red Heat(1988). It’s a team up between a Chicago cop and a Soviet Cop. Jim Belushi plays the Chicago man and Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Soviet. And yes, his unmistakable Austrian accent shines through the Russian he learned for the role.

Tim has House(1985). It’s the beginning of spooky season so what better way to kick off than with at least one movie in the horror genre. We have a writer guy and his life isn’t going so hot. His son is missing, presumed dead. His wife is in the process of divorcing him and his aunt has just hung herself. At least she left him this multi story house next door to George Wendt.

Weltall has The Outlaw Josey Wales(1977). Clint Eastwood is Josey Wales and he’s a bit of a rule breaker. Almost like he operates outside of the law. There should be a word for that. It starts with Josey working on a small farm with a happy wife and son. These being catnip to thugs, they are summoned to murder his family and set him on the path for revenge.

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