Manga Pulse 502: Ash Buster

We don’t always review manga but when we do, we do. And sometimes we do only one. But we’re pretty sure that hasn’t happened a whole lot. Unless it does and then we don’t care. But we also don’t want to be badgered by anyone if we’re wrong.

Tim has Beet the Vandel Buster. Beet, named after his father’s favorite crop to grow because this is a fantasy universe originating from The Office. Dwight’s long lost grandson fights Vandel’s which are demons. There’s power levels and spiritual powers. Also there’s a guild and a dollar store knock off of Sauske. It’s not as bad as all that might seem to make it out and ends up with a Borders.

Weltall has Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. We’ve got people who are in our world getting ganked into a fantasy world. Were they are attacked and fighting and the only way to survive is to band together and not suck. This is the world where you’ve gotta git gud son or you’re not gonna make it. Oh yeah, there is a guy named Manato who seems to be in charge of things. Like he’d be who you need to talk to about getting your benefits card if it hasn’t shown up after six weeks. It also gets a Borders.

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