Popcorn Pulse 207: Terminally Firm

We need some sort of inspiration for a film choice. We’ve drawn from novel adaptations. Foreign films. Ok, let’s see if we can find a movie based on a hentai. We’ll just turn to the old fashioned internet oracle. And that was darn fast. Though this is less hentai and more ecchi. Fuck it, we ball. We’ve got Kite[2014].

India Eisley is a girl who murders people. Samuael Jackson is sort of her handler. He gives her a drug called Amp after she finishes a job. Though it screws with memory. Which makes things difficult as she’s trying to find out who killed her dad. Lucky for her she starts getting away from the drug and her memory starts coming back a bit at a time. You’d probably be shocked to find out who had her dad kill if you’ve never seen a movie.

Tim has The Firm(1994). The John Grisham adaptation with a rather young Tom Cruise. Cruise plays Mitch McDeere who is a highly sought after law student. He gets hired by a firm in Tennessee where he’s mentored by Gene Hackman who is not playing Marcus Moosen. Also Wilford Brimely plays a security specialist and we dare you not to say “diabetus” every time he pops on screen.

Weltall has The Terminal List[2022]. Chris Pratt plays a Navy Seal who can’t manage to balance a ball on his nose. He can kill people though. This comes in handy when his family is murdered and he goes out for revenge. Also he’s got cancer, hence the list of people he’s got to get before the terminal disease gets him

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