Manga Pulse 503: Fire Kaiser

Hello, we’re Manga Pulse and we thank you for choosing us today. We have a lovely set of specials right now. A very seasonal word salad made from only the worst quality slang and confusion. Peppered with silliness brought on by anything mentioned within the news. Braised with whatever alcohol was on sale. This is all paired with a tasty set of reviews on only the freshest of manga, left to sit on the warehouse dock through the weekend.

Tim has Fire Force. This takes place in a world where there are fire demons randomly popping out of people and burning everyone around them. In response, there are dedicated fire fighters equipped with fancy tools and people who can fire bend. There’s some other term for it but our protagonist, Shinra, is a third generation and can create and bend fire. This manifests in him being able to run really fast and leave sooty foot prints. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has Jujutsu Kaisen. Yuji is a dude. He lives in a world where there are curses and accompanying demons. Not a problem as long as you avoid curses and the errant pharaoh’s tomb. Unless you eat the finger of a demon and become cursed. Once that happens, Yuji can manifest powers of the demon and he’s made a deal by the organization that eliminates curses. He can stick around and consume more of the fingers before being killed. As dying will take the curse with him. It also gets a Borders.

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