Popcorn Pulse 208: Three Vampires Outside Renfield

It’s October, as we recorded this anyways. And we needed something that fitted within the spirit of the season. That spirit is whiskey and it’s a perennial favorite of ours. That spirit guided us towards our patron saint, senor Nicolas Cage. We’re pretty sure he was knighted in Spain so he can be called senor as a title. That’s right, we have Renfield[2023].

It’s modern day and we join Renfield trying to get along and help the master, Lord Dracula. He’s feeling a bit abused as Dracula beats him around a bit. He also hurts Renfield so ol’ Renny wants out. He then starts hanging around Awkwafina which is out of the frying pan and into the air fryer being tossed out the window. Jealous of Renfield’s new life, Dracula joins a gang to take over the world.

Weltall has Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri[2017]. A movie that you may or may not remember happening. It was one of those movies that got some award buzz and then disappeared from the collective memory. Weltall has watched it and reports that it’s one of those movies that deserved the buzz it got and is worth watching.

Tim has House(1977). Or as it’s known in Japan, Hasu. If you’ve never seen it, you’ve probably seen the poster referenced in something so use your search engine of choice and take a peek. It’s a cult classic about a bunch of schoolgirls who go to one of their aunt’s houses for the summer. Which turns out to be haunted. The girls get picked off, one by one, down the very end. When the last girls step-mom shows up. Look out for the floating head trying to take a bite out of another girls butt.

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