Manga Pulse 504: Chou Bachi

Alright. We’ve got two sample bottles of scotch and two mangas. No funny business or running gags. No diversionary little anecdotes that are about as pointless as a marble. Perhaps a little bit of rambling that goes nowhere like a road to an abandoned farm which has antiques you can steal. They’re haunted as a matter of course. Have a priest’s number on hand before you go barn looting.

Tim has Choujin X. A physical copy he bought from a bookstore even and remembered to bring to the show! The year is late nineties and there are superhumans that popped up after a global incident. They have all sorts of powers and cause more than a few problems. Tokio and his buddy Azuma run into one of these Choujin who has mollusk powers. They both get a pair of needles which are supposed to be a sort of mutagen which makes people into Choujn. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall has Kagurabachi. Chihiro is an apprentice sword maker under his father. Life is pretty good until some sorcerers kill his dad. Chihiro takes the last sword his father was working on and starts out for revenge. A task that will be make a bit easier by the fact the sword has a bit of magic imbued in it. It earns a Crackers.

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