Popcorn Pulse 210: Bames Jond

We’ve gone and done it again. Forgone the usual schedule to stay on the topic of our favorite British secret service agents. No, not Christopher Lee. Though maybe he should enter the equation some time. And he will make an appearance in this little deviation we’re enjoying. Until then, we start with From Russia With Love(1963).

Anchoring the whole shebang is our man, Connery. The second Bond movie has found its feet even if they’re a bit unsteady. Some of the elements we’ve come to associate with the double O man crop up. Gadgets in the form of ordinary items that have a defensive use. Blofeld is heard but not seen. Betrayals. Also Robert Shaw is the muscle and direct antagonist in this one.

Next up is the first Dalton movie, The Living Daylights(1987). Dalton’s Bond gets introduced with a training exercise that is sabotaged. He moves on to helping a Russian escape the Iron Curtain only for him to betray the West and work with an arms dealer. Which marks the first appearance of Joe Don Baker, Mitchell himself, working in the franchise. Also there’s a hilarious segment where Bond works with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Finally we get to the Brosnan first in Goldeneye(1995). We didn’t watch the movie as much as we played the solo campaign on the 64. So we remember there’s a lot of blocky people and near impossible time limits. Sean Bean is an evil Bond who wants to nuke England because fuck the British. His noble mission is thwarted by Remmington Steele’s ability to fuck Russian programmers stupid.

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