Popcorn Pulse 211: Aims Long

More Bond for the Bond god. We’ve got a whole crate of Gold Bond medicated powder. Because all these movies are old and old people like talc. Plus it’s got gold right in the name so it’s almost related. We start off with our boy Sean in Goldfinger(1964).

This is the movie where all the elements come together. If you’ve never seen a Bond movie, you’re aware of this through sheer cultural osmosis. This is when we have the laser aimed at bisecting a British agent and a heavy set man obsessed with gold. Many gadgets and Q make a full appearance along with one of the least subtle Bond girl names until Octopussy.

Next up on the green, we have The Man with the Golden Gun(1974) teed right up. Christopher Lee is Scaramanga, an assassin who kills with the titular Golden Gun. He’s such an excellent shot that he only needs one. Bond is after him because he got a golden bullet in the mail with his agent number on it. Naturally he does the only thing he’s best equipped for. Cuck Scaramanga and then kill him after stealing a bit of magical solar technology Scaramanga stole from someone else.

Finally we wrap with the last of Dalton’s Bond outings in Licence to Kill(1989). Bond is the best man at his CIA buddies wedding. Just before the wedding, they run off to bust a not-Pablo Escobar. Because we all know James Bond’s primary enemy is South American drug dealers. Not-Pablo gets out, kills CIA man’s bride and feeds CIA man partly to a shark. So Bond is out for revenge against the orders of his commanding officer. Which you’d think would make for an interesting movie where he has to marshal resources. You would think.

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