Popcorn Pulse 213: Dekotora

Two guys and ten movies. No, it’s not us talking yet more James Bond. Though that will be coming. We’ve got something a little special for everyone. By that we mean we’re doing a movie that wasn’t in either of our wheelhouse and probably hasn’t been covered by a whole host of people before. We have Truck Rascals(1975).

The first of what would become a series of ten films, this heralds Japan’s cultural obsession with trucking as well. Oh and those ten films were made within five years. Because once they found a well to tap, it was time to drain it dry. The first one though is a bit scattered for plot and mostly has set pieces and jokes with a weird payoff at the end.

Weltall then has Big Bad Mama-San: Dekotora 1[2008]. This is one of those movies that is sort of an illegitimate sequel to the previous film we talked about. It’s focused on a girl who may or may not be the found daughter that pops up in the first movie. Something you’ll get if you’ve heard the first part of the show. Did we mention the star is more known for her adult video career?

Tim then has Money Train(1995). It’s a Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes movie where they play brothers. That they’re not of the same skin tone is a recurring joke that never wears itself out through the film. Woody is the screw up of the two, having accrued a whole bunch of gambling debt. They’re transit cops in New York City and Woody comes up with a plan to rob a train that’s dedicated to taking cash out of the city.

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