Manga Pulse 507: Brave Knight

You know those cooking shows where they bring on the absolute worst people? Like, they find someone who was born without a sense of taste because they were raised on a steady diet of pizza rolls and hot cheetos. Then they give them a kitchen stocked full of ingredients and let them loose. Neither do we but we’d like to see it happen. Especially if they were forced to try and remake something akin to their favorite food. Luckily we have a couple of manga to make up for the lack of what could be on TV.

Tim has A Knight With a Time Limit. It’s an isekai which serves as one strike against it. He’s from Korea and picks a new name in this generic fantasy world. It’s a perfectly normal name, Levis Cloyd. He has a ticking clock only he can see that gets topped up by murdering people. It’s takes a lot though and stronger people are worth more. Then it goes off the fucking rails and it finds itself on fire getting itself a Burn It.

Weltall has The Strongest Brave Who Craves For Revenge, Extinguish With The Power of Darkness. We have a fantasy where there’s a demon king wiped out. Raul is part of this but it turns out everyone else is evil too. And they didn’t really care for the competition. Once he’s gone they decided to kill Raul and rule everything. Unfortunately for them, Raul is back from the dead and out for revenge. It gets planted in the land of Crackers.

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