Manga Pulse 508: Hot Rock

We’re really going to shake things up today. We have a manga. But wait, there’s more! Manga that is. Ok, you caught us. We’re not really breaking the mold here. We’re being reliable. The kind of reviewers you can count on to deliver quality content. Or at least content that is delivered. We’re kind of dissembling here because this week’s bit isn’t all fleshed out and we had to get something down for the episode description.

Tim has Bocchi the Rock. If you’re into manga or anime you’ve probably heard about this one. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, hue hue. It’s a slice of life about Hitori. She is a sad girl who has been practicing the guitar to try and make friends. It hasn’t worked out yet but now she’s entering high school and has found a band. It gets a Borders.

Weltall has Fire-Hot Aunt. Toru is a young dude at high school. The twist is his mother had him when she was sixteen and his grandmother had his aunt the same year. So he’s going to school with his aunt who everyone finds hot. Also he doesn’t want anyone to know she’s his aunt and is sort of content to let everyone interpret her tousling his hair as something deeper. It also gets a Borders.

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