Popcorn Pulse 215: Bee Paradise

Oh no, I hear buzzing. It’s either an angry transformer, cicada mating season, or the bees. We all know that there’s nothing worse than the bees. Unless you’re not allergic like Nic Cage’s character in Wickerman. Then they’re mostly pleasant as long as they stick to their job of making honey and pollinating. Like bees featured for a few seconds in The Beekeeper[2024]. How’s that for a non-sequitur intro?

Jason Statham is a Beekeeper. Not the, just a. And that involves him keeping bees on the property of a nice old lady. Until she gets scammed by a drive by pop up that tells her she has all the viruses. They steal all her money and the charity funds she manages. Because Statham is also a super assassin in retirement, he goes out for revenge on her behalf. At which point it becomes a fairly standard Jason Statham action movie where people get in his way and find new ways to die.

Weltall then has John Wick Chapter 4[2023]. Keanu is mister Wick and he’s back for round four. By now if you haven’t learned the drill on what mister Wick does then you’ve wandered into the wrong theater. If that’s the case, Barbie is playing on screen seven and you should take you meds when you get your soda refilled, grandpa.

Tim then has The Paradise Hotel[2022]. This is not a movie you should watch at all. It’s aping a lot of surreal films about murder and relationships. It also features a seventy year old woman, who’s under gone more plastic surgery than a rescued Han Solo figurine, in a shower scene. What’s more interesting is that this actress has been in enough film to choke the dollar bin at Big Lots and has even more coming down.

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