Manga Pulse 509: Please Pedro

Have you tried tater tots? If you went to public school in the United States, it guaranteed you have. We want you to forget those sad, lumps of starch that masquerade as potato bits. Grab some from the store in the frozen section and break out the air fryer. That’s the only way to truly enjoy the delicacy. And if you cannot, well then. Clearly you don’t own an air fryer.

Tim has Killer Pedro. There’s a secret organization of assassins that secretly runs the world. Among them is the man known only as Pedro. He’s been working as a hired gun for decades and no one has seen his face. Which is why we join him in a bookstore and he laments dying of cancer. Then someone tries to assassinate him. He dies only to wake up alive and now in his teens with all the strength that accompanies it. It gets a Read It Now.

Weltall has Please Put Them On, Takamine-san. Koushi is a boring guy at school who ends up seeing the class president, Takane, naked. After this he sees her get a less than perfect score and then has a deja vu moment where she gets the test results again and she has a perfect. She can rewind time at the expense of her underclothes. Koushi is now aware because he saw her naked. So she makes him carry spare undergarments to school. It earns a Crackers.

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