Popcorn Pulse 216: Armed Blitz

Let’s talk security. Now, most people don’t think about this but your windows are an overlooked ingress point. Most people will put on sensors or bars. But that won’t keep out the postal goblins. Everyone fails to consider the postal goblins. They slip past all you conventional measures and start dumping flyers for restaurants that aren’t yet open and will close before you can use the coupons.

In that vein we have Armed Response[2013]. As often happens, we have a guy and he works at a bar. He starts telling the patrons a story about how he made his money. It involves him being a slacker who “works” with his best friend as a small time security system installer and monitoring service. They get the brilliant idea to start robbing people to drum up business. Things get a bit more complicated when they hit a drug dealers house, played by Carey Elwes.

Weltall then has Blitz[2011]. It’s Jason Statham playing some sort of policeman in London. This means his gravelly voice doesn’t stand out quite as much as it would. He’s involved in a case where there’s a serial killer who targets cops. Jason Staham will handle it in the only way he knows how. Murdering every person that dares to get in the way of the climax.

Tim then has Mr & Mrs Smith[2024]. This is a review based on the first episode. Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are two people who apply for a random position they know nothing about. It turns out to be a secret organization that makes you get married and take on the name John and Jane Smith. If you think that sounds interesting, we’ve not done our job in communicating how far off this is from the movie it’s based off of.

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