Popcorn Pulse 217: Spicy Lady

It seems there’s a little rift open to the past. I can hear ragtime music and people talking in transatlantic accents. Hop in your old bone shaking Model T and drive down past the five and dime. Because we’re on a trip through history and film with Vivacious Lady(1938).

Jimmy Stewart plays a professor who meets a nightclub performing girl, Ginger Rogers. They hit it off instantly and get married just before heading back to Jimmy’s home. He’s a bit spineless so he hasn’t told his dad that he’s a married man and hasn’t even consummated. Would you believe that wacky hi jinks and even shenanigans ensue?

Tim has Sugar & Spice[2001]. A movie that captures what it was like to see a movie aimed at young people in the two thousands. Lots of alt rock faux punk guitar riffs and references. A high school cheerleader falls in love, bones the quarterback and gets pregnant. Because they don’t have a lot of money, and their parents cut them off, she devises a bank robbery with her cheer squad.

Weltall has Land of Bad[2024]. Russel Crowe is a drone operator. This is handy because he gets to sit at a desk instead of having to run around. Liam Hemsworth is a special forces man. He’s on a mission to retrieve an intelligence asset. Things might not go so smoothly and members of his team get pared down through bad guy motivated retirement. With only Crowe as their support they have to get out of hostile territory.

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