Manga Pulse 511: Fool Land

Suddenly there was a shout. The maid pointed towards the entryway. “Look out, he’s got a nug!” She bellowed. We discovered afterwards that she had long been diagnosed as having too much black bile and that lead to a curious condition. A transposing of letters in her speech and reading. This did not affect her day to day for what maid needed to be properly lettered as she polished the silver. Still we were taken aback by the presence of two manga.

Tim has Fool Night. Not a night that’s jam packed with jesters, jugglers, and other jovial jackassery. It’s sometime in the future and the world is covered in perpetual night via dark clouds. Normal plants don’t survive in this world so people who are dying get a magic seed put in them that turns them into plant people. They can still walk around for a couple of years but then the plant takes over. Our protagonist gets one of these and discovers he can talk to other plant people who aren’t too far gone. It gets a Crackers and a bit of discussion.

Weltall has Sand Land. That’s right, more Akira Toriyama. What do you do with a land made out of sand? You could stab people with water bottles that suck the moisture out of everyone. But this isn’t Tank Girl so a group of adventurers gather together to find out where all the water went. It’s good enough to get a Crackers though clearly not Toriyama’s best work.

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