Popcorn Pulse 219: Freeway Wars

Two households, both alike in dignity. In fat America, where we lay our scene. And that’s about all we can figure to work in a Shakespeare reference in the few minutes we knock these out. Besides we wanted to get a little classy before we tackle an A24 movie. Yup, we watched Civil War[2024].

If you’ve seen the trailers, then you’ve got some expectations as to what we’re in for. War scenes, bad things happening, and lots of explosions. Instead, you’re treated to a civil war in the US happening because reasons. And we follow ‘journalists’ as they try and get to the White House to get an interview with Nick Offerman before he’s ousted. There’s a lot of set pieces on the way there that can be summed up as “war bad”. We hope that was worth the price of admission.

Tim has Freeway(1996). What lesson does Hollywood learn when Tarantino movies make a ton of money and get a bunch of good press? Make good movies and play around with styles? Tell interesting stories with developed, if flawed characters? No, just make films focused on ignorant, disgusting characters. And also be stuck on the idea of making a gritty “adult” take on Red Riding Hood.

Weltall has the show that’s gotten a lot of word of mouth, Shogun[2024]. John Blackthorne ends up shipwrecked in Japan. Being as this is the very early seventeenth century, he has no Google translate to get around. He gets paired with a Catholic translator, Mariko. This is a show very much about the personal relationships as well as the underlying political intrigue. If you’re up for spoilers, there’s better discussion in episode. Otherwise we’d recommend you watch a couple of episodes.

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