Manga Pulse 516: Yankee Girls

We founded a new company. We don’t have a charter, funding, or any kind of plan. But we will be offering a Kickstarter. That’s still a thing, right? We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of trends. See also our brand new NFTs.(Please note this is a joke and don’t worry that we are making NFTs far too late in the party.)

Tim has one more visit to Yankee JK Kuzuhana. If you recall, this is the manga where our protagonist, Saotome, is attending a business school. That school was, until recently, only for girls and he’s the only boy there. He’s getting a bit of a harem going by being nice. When we last left him, he’d added the tease and the childhood friend to the line up. It maintains a Read It Now. Mostly for having characters who act closer to people than shouting caricatures who beat each other at the fall of a cherry blossom.

Weltall has Looking up to Magical Girls. Or Gushing over Magical Girls. Hiiragi idolizes magical girls a whole lot. So when a creature shows up offering her a contract, she jumps at it. She didn’t read it and doesn’t realize she’s become a villain. And her powers are clearly based on bondage which she uses to put her opponents, magical girls, into submission. It gets a Crackers.

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