Episode 457: Summer 2015 Previews #1

It’s a new season! Summer! Full of scantly clad girls, beaches, sun, and of course UMI DESU! But not for Red and Ryo, your two anime pulse hosts are working hard to bring you the latest on the shows this season. They begin things with a new segment, dedicated to delving into the weekly ongoings of your lovable hosts. Nothing too off topic, just a quick look into what Red and Ryo have been up to outside of the show. Then it’s onto the final week of suggestions, that’s right, after this week there will be no suggestions segment for quite a while. After that comes the discussion thread, which asked who you thought was the best ‘blade’ maser of all time. Yes, even box cutters count. And finally it’s into the previews, Red has two shows to introduce and so does Ryo. Stick around folks, because we’re just getting started.

Show Notes


Intro -Mazeru na Kikenfrom Ushio to TorabyKinniku Shōjo Tai
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Ushio to Tora

Monster Musume

Rokka no Yusha


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0 Replies to “Episode 457: Summer 2015 Previews #1”

  1. I guess “Ushio and Tora” feels so 90s because the manga (and OVA) was from the 90s.
    The manga made its debut in 1990 and ended its run in 1996, the same year the Inuyasha manga began.

  2. The health curse of Anime Pulse continues! Why is Manga Pulse the only show to avoid being seriously ill?

  3. Lots of things to say!

    I really want to watch Brotherhood, but there’s so much anime! Isn’t the original FMA the one that’s “wrong” while Brotherhood’s characters and plot following the manga? I haven’t really read the manga.

    I didn’t recall suggesting the discussion topic until it was mentioned in this episode. You gave the credit to Innocuous Blonde, though.

    Can I get a clarification: Red, you do know that Paprika is not a Miyazaki movie, right? Definitely not. I too miss a ton of anime movies, mostly because their only appearance in theaters is limited release.

    Just because anime is similar to a film doesn’t mean a filmmaker HAD to have seen anime. Guillermo del Toro listed his inspirations for Pacific Rim, and that obviously includes anime. OLD anime. It did and continues to drive me nuts that people behave as if EVA is the only mecha show that mattered. I think that he listed Tetsujin 28 as one of his influences. Pacific Rim is not a psychological mecha tale about teenagers who save the world, is it?

    Sorry, but Del Toro stopped watching anime long ago, before Evangelion. He did say that it is possible that his concept artists could’ve watched EVA, but he didn’t say that for sure.

    I know what you mean (that’s your preference) but it comes off as homophobic when you say you wont watch an anime when it has yuri in it. BTW, Utena has far more implicit yuri than it has explicit yuri. For explicit yuri, see Yurikuma Arashi (hint: yuri is in the title) I don’t think I’ve ever heard why you don’t like yuri, Red, or I have forgotten your reasons. I guess it’s tied into your no homogenous gender casts, but Utena has important characters of both genders.

  4. @YotaruVegeta: Blond had the topic before you did, also, yours was specifically targeted at Traps while hers was giving a wider base of selection.

    I meant movies like Paprika, not that Paprika is a Miyazaki movie.

    “but it comes off as homophobic when you say you wont watch an anime when it has yuri in it.”

    No, because if that were true then would I also come off as afraid of sports just because I don’t watch anime based on sports? What about anime with rape in it, am I afraid of rape? No, I’m not. It’s not that I don’t watch anime with Yuri in it, it’s that I don’t watch an anime that has an all main female cast because it bores me. Plain and simple. I don’t care if there are male supports in the anime, if the main cast is made up of girls, that’s all that matters. Do I like Yuri? No. I don’t see what’s so hot about it, unlike most guys who find romance between girls to be exciting. Not me.

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