Episode 458: Summer 2015 Previews #2

Second week of summer previews and Red is absolutely melting, poor guy feels like a chocolate bar left out in a car on a hot summer day. But the show must go on! And on it goes! First up Red and Ryo catch up on what’s been going on in their lives, Red did some lawn work with his father and Ryo continues her curse of the cohost chronicles. Afterwards Ryo touches on a comment made by one of our listeners and community members, an then both Red and Ryo dive into the news! That’s right, the news is back! Red has an article about head pats and pinningyour love interest against a wall, while Ryo discusses the finer points of drugging horny old men and stealing their money. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, where we wanted to know who your favorite transgender characters in anime are. And finally comes the previews, this is week two so just one more week left before we’re back into reviews. Please note, if the conversation between Red and Ryo sounds a bit ‘off’ it’s because Ryo’s audio desynced from Red’s. Red tried his best to fix it, but he’s no audio expert.

Show Notes


Intro –Clattanoiafrom OverlordbyOxT
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase







Favorite Romantic Gestures

Chocolate Date Thief

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  4. I’m going on a posting spree!

    Ryo, Naoto from Persona 4 is not simply a girl who is mistaken for female. She dresses in a way that makes people mistake her for a male because she grew up with gender issues, like how she was looked down on as a female detective.

  5. I’ve been happily reading the light novel for Overlord. What struck me about it was something Red also touched on in the preview. Though certainly rattled at first by the situation, Ainz handles everything calmly and strategically. He almost immediately comes up with a plan, and starts taking steps to reinforce his position and advance toward his goals. The level of detachment he has to have to others is illustrated somewhat by his lich form. It is easy for his personality to be like an undead.

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