Episode 470: Winter 2016 Previews Part 1

Aaaaaaand we’re back. Ladies and gentlemen Anime Pulse returns from a three week break, which we address right at the start of the show. That and the scare tactic from Red last show, both issues are addressed before either host move onto their IRL news. Speaking of which, Ryo is falling apart. Literally. And Red, well, he’s flying high earning the big bucks at work and spending it all on shirts. With the weekly updates out of the way next up is industry news, where Red talks about monster girl hentai and Ryo is all about those damn birds. And finally a new season hath come and with it brings new shows, so Red and Ryo dig into the Winter 2016 season.

Show Notes


Intro – Checkmate!? by MISHI from Dagashi Kashi
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Dagashi Kashi

Musaigen no Phamtom World

Ojisan to Marshmallow

Sekkou Boys

Tabi Machi Late Show


Monster Musume Doujin

Life-Sized Saekano Figure

Hayao Miyazaki’s Brithday

Buddhist Symbol Change

Panel About Dating Stupid Pigeons


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12 Replies to “Episode 470: Winter 2016 Previews Part 1”

  1. Red, you need to check out
    “Persona 4”, it’s an awesome game. There’s a PS Vita version of it called “Persona 4 Golden”. Also, one of the most highly anticipated games, that everyone is still waiting for, is “Persona 5” for Playstation 4.

  2. Really hope you don’t have to leave Red, you and Ryo make a great combo and listening to your podcast is the high point of my week (that’s a good thing)

  3. Does being a great host make one prone chronic sickness, or does being chronically sick make one an incredible anime-pulse host?
    Maybe it’s just an anime thing.

  4. I had an inkling. So having a new jobe did have something to do with Red’s ultimatum for the listeners.

    I get frustrated at a lack of commenters, too, but I think podcasting is a way different beast than it was when this show started. Some podcasts I listen to get no feedback, while others get a great amount. Also, social networking has exploded and spread people out. Then you have, oh yeah, other people who work IRL paying jobs who don’t have the same time they did when they started listening to this show.

    You at least have the download numbers to rely on, right? Have you looked at them, Red and Ryo?

    I would like to suggest you put up a poll for the listeners, asking where they hang out the most, and put this poll on as many AP accounts as you can. This way, you know where to spend your attention for feedback.

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