Manga Pulse 342: Gold Death

Whelp, it’s officially becoming the election year in the States. This means that the drudgery masquerading as election news is slowly morphing into actual news. It still looks like a man wearing a Tribbles ass who is famous for being rich and firing people will still be an actual candidate. And to think, people once lamented that a former actor was running after successfully being a governor.

Tim finds a newer manga in Golden Kamui. It’s set in the Meji era and features a couple of characters hunting down a treasure in competition with others. Along the way, there are lots of historical nods and tidbits. There’s also a delicious amount of gore that used sparingly enough to punctuate the moments. It earns a Read It Now for all this wonderful pacing and storytelling.

Weltall then reviews Deathtopia. It features a whole family of TitsMcgees operating in a Charlie’s Angels fashion. The main character, Stan McNomralguy, gets into an accident which breaks his face and almost gets assassinated. Shinji’s Angel’s swoop into save him from death. Also, he can see some people as squiggles with eyes for reasons not yet explained. The novelty manages to continue the streak of Read It Now.

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