Manga Pulse 341: Gun and Punching

There’s nothing quite like governmental redundancy. If nothing else, bureaucracy is quite good at making a theater out of stagnation and calling it action, see the TSA. Tim and Wetall have a brief discussion on this fact before entering the meat of manga reviews.

Tim does a follow up to One Punch Man. Why he decided to do this for a manga he didn’t originally review is odd but no one ever said we play by consistent rules. We doubt anyone expects us to, but just info for that rare breed who might feel miffed. Tim gets about four volumes in and states that it maintains the Read it Now all the way through.

Weltall then discusses Hantsu x Torasshu. Of all things, it’s primarily focused on water polo. We’ll state that again, water polo. Can anyone out there picture water polo being played without turning to the primary colored oracle search engine? Yes, we see you in the back, Bob, and you’re a fucking weirdo. It’s also an Olympic sport so we’ll get to see it in action this year. And Weltall found the manga entertaining enough to earn a Read it Now as well.

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