Manga Pulse 340: What episode is it again?

There is a lot of confusion in this episode based on its enumeration. This is because, for once, we suffered from a rare bout of overconfidence. As always, it leads to us screwing something over. We can only hope this doesn’t lead to people believing they’ve gotten an erroneous episode and email calling us idiots. While they would be factually correct on that count, the episode would still be correct.

Tim reviews White Epic which is not, as it might sound, like the kind of fan fiction where weird people run about in hoods. It basically makes Taoists into Jedi who roam the land fighting those who’ve gone over to the dark side. While initially silly, it manages to earn a Crackers by being unique and “bugnuts” enough.

Weltall then reviews Otouto no Otto. It is about a Japanese man visiting his dead twin brother’s daughter in Canada and meeting his brother in law. It deals with the xenophobia and social fears by placing them center stage. While being primarily slice of life, it gets a large chunk of points by having organic character development, earning it a Read It Now.

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