Manga Pulse 339: Ghoul Ass

It’s always a little sad when Halloween comes to pass. Not because the slutty versions of everything costumes get put away, though it is sad in its own right, but because the retail chains let loose the hounds of December. Yes, the popup holiday stores have gone away and now the big retail kids have put the fat man in the red suit to work, shilling more plastic trinkets while pop artists screech the same seven carols are the beleaguered, underpaid employees.

Tim reviews Tokyo Ghoul a bit late for the proper season. If the title didn’t give it away, it’s about ghouls that must eat the dead in order to survive. Naturally they can be normal looking until they aren’t. The main character, Keniki, gets turned into one via a nice and original twist and has to learn to survive. It’s so well paced and told that Tim gave it the seemingly rare Read it Now.

Weltall then tells the world to Kiss My Ass which is, coincidentally, the title. This is one of those mangas that is incredibly heavy on the technical details and research of the creator. In this case it’s centered on hemorrhoids which the main character suffers from. While it sounds like it would be horrible, it manages to earn a Crackers.

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