Manga Pulse 338: Desert Mob

The real trouble with Tribbles isn’t that they eat everything and reproduce like Duggars on methenphatamine fertility treatments. It’s that they attach themselves to the skulls of suit wearing business “tycoons” and convince them to play in politics. Why, we’re sure if you stopped and think about it you could probably name at lest one boardroom surfing twat hammer who’s so afflicted. Unfortunately, the only cure is a flamethrower to the face.

Tim discusses Mob Psycho 100. It features a boy with psychic powers who can banish ghosts. Given that this is a manga, you could be forgiven for thinking this involves him episodically battling the ghost/monster of the week while their rank crawls up towards S. As it avoids all of those tropes and doesn’t walk the path trodden into bedrock, it got a Read it Now.

Weltall then sings about a Jaguar commercial with Desert Rose. It’s a Japanese retelling of the Nakatomi Plaza incident from the perspective of the office furniture. Tensions rise as a vacationing New York cop straps C4 to Steven, the most beloved of swivel chairs, and drops him down the elevator shaft. Given it’s focus on terrified particleboard desks, it’s a surprise it earns a Borders.

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