Manga Pulse 337: Little Bites

With Summer finally gone, we can clean up the sand and put away the barbecue. Now it’s time to start saving up for holiday shopping seeing as Summer never reimbursed us for gas, beer or snacks. Summer’s a bit of a mooch, is what we’re saying. We’ll still welcome them back when Spring leaves us alone and afraid.
Tim reviews Killing Bites. It was recommended as it features the show’s personal spirit animal, the Honey Badger. It features were-hybrids which reminded Tim of Guyver. Naturally these different animals all fight for the pleasure of other people watching and the first volume builds to a tournament. It earns a Crackers but just barely by being original enough.

Weltall then talks about Little Jumper. It starts off with a kid who wants to get laid so he plays the odds and sends a form love letter to a bunch of girls. Then he runs into a time traveling version of his daughter who’s come back in time to cure her mother of some disease. For no reason, she doesn’t know her mother’s name so she hangs out with dad and it’s creepy incestuous. One character though elevates it up and, it too, earns a Crackers.

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