Manga Pulse 336: Magma 4

This installment of the shows pairs well with either a spring bottled red and a steak, done to your specifications but if it’s well done you should know you’re a heathen. For the beer drinker we recommend a grilled chicken and a slightly chilled IPA. For the more dedicated among you, we recommend a finger of whiskey.

Tim pulls out a Tezuka creation from the vault, Magma Taishi or Ambassador Magma. It features jet robots created by a Dr Earth to defend Earth from an invading alien who wants to add our planet to his collection. Anyone familiar with that chestnut old chestnut know that means the main character gets a whistle to summon them on a regular basis for reasons best left un-thought about. It earns a Crackers for not being mind numbingly boring.

Weltall then tackles a request by an emailer who believes it would earn a higher rating. It’s Persona 4 which appears to be faithful to the game. While it features students, shadows and the titular personas, none of these are explained at any length. How does the main character know he can pull the persona out of his ass? Because that’s how it works guys. Surprisingly it gets a Borders rather than any lower.

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