Manga Pulse 335: Path to the DMZ

Not believing in the Kobayashi Maru doesn’t make it any easier to beat, as Weltall and Tim found out recently. It also turns out the hiding under the console and screaming that you’ll turn over the ship if they’ll just leave you an escape pod and let you live isn’t a wining strategy. Those Trekkies take their reenactments seriously and can bruise when provoked.

Tim review a recommendation, Ten – the Nice Guy on the Path of Tenhou. It’s about Mahjong but not the solitaire kind that’s come with Windows OS since the mistake of Vista. It might have been better if we knew anything about Mahjong beyond the fact that it uses tiles and comes from someplace foreign. As such, it earns a Borders.

Weltall then discusses Konbini DMZ. The concept sounds like it would be amusing. A convenience store situated in the midst of a war zone which is neutral and supplies soldiers as they pass through. It could also be horrific but the author goes for comedy and that’s what we have to work with. Tragically, it falls flat onto its face and lands on a claymore. Though it doesn’t dare offense enough to earn it less than a Borders.

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